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Destiny Fitness Inc.


Destiny Fitness offers primarily in-studio personal fitness training, but in-home personal fitness training services are available. We serve Mississauga and areas of the GTA. We take pride in providing exceptional service and quality products to give you the body you deserve; both physically and healthily.

The Fitness Trainers



Christopher Williams and Stephanie Lowe are educated, experienced, successful certified Personal Fitness Trainers with over 12 years of experience between them. They have worked with 100’s of clients in the Mississauga and Oakville area ranging from 1-on-1 fitness training clients to group-fitness training classes.


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Our Prices


Our Prices range depending on a number of factors, including the goals and needs of the client. Our fitness programs are complete programs, including the initial fitness assessment; a proven exercise system, a complete nutrition program customized to your goal; progress assessments along the way to keep you motivated; and a 10 – 15 minute interval-cardio program to do at home on your own. We have a number of different Weight Loss and Fit Kit packages for you to choose from!

Why Our Fitness System is Effective


What makes our fitness program work is it is so systematic and so clear about what to do, and is structured to help you master your fitness and nutrition habits for a lifetime, not just to lose a few pounds for a few days, weeks, or months.

We build our programs to be a life-changing experience for you. We want to give you the emotional and physical freedom you deserve through improved health and physical self-worth, as well as the vitality, the strength, and the joy that you deserve.

This is what we are committed to.

Again, we respect you for your commitment to make a change in your life. We are here for you as your Fitness Results Coaches.

If you’d like more information or are ready to take the next step in achieving the body you deserve, contact us by calling 416-705-0385 or by filling in the contact form below.

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“We use the same systems and strategies that I used to lose 70lbs, (and most importantly, maintain it) with our clients!  Let us show you how we’ve helped dozens of people lose over 400lbs total. They’ve become their own success story…and so can you!”

Committed to your Success,

-Stephanie Lowe, Certified Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist and Mind Body Specialist for Destiny Fitness Inc.  ASPIRE. ACT. ACHIEVE.

The Challenge: 

At Destiny Fitness we challenge you to make your health a priority for the next 90 days! We have a number of different classes, personal fitness and nutrition programs to help you improve your health and change your life.

Learn more about the 90 day, Body by Vi health challenge:


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